The Posh Pro Program by Fashion Resale School (2024)

Become a Pro Reseller. Right here, right now.

Discover all the ins & outs of a profitable Poshmark store, so you can be one of them.

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Attention resellers: are you ready for a side hustle that WORKS?

Listen: successful Poshmark selling isn't easy.

What if you stopped doing the guesswork & started making more sales in LESS time & effort?

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The Posh Pro Program by Fashion Resale School (1)

The Posh Pro Program

The at-home (& fun!) online resource that helps you transform into a resale powerhouse... all without costly trial & error or confusion.

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We'll Teach You:

  • How to set up a totally-optimized Poshmark seller profile that users can't ignore

  • *Exactly* how to build out an online ecosystem that feeds constantly into your brand

  • How to best market your pieces for sale so people actually see, want & BUY them

The THING is....

You could have AMAZING pieces listed for sale... and still get... ZERO purchases. Why?

If you don't know the real strategy behind successful reselling, you'll always be left wondering why you aren't seeing better results.

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The Posh Pro Program by Fashion Resale School (2)

Soooo... what exactly IS the Posh Pro Program?

  • It is an online program?

    Yes! Although we consult large resellers all the time, we specially put this together to reach YOU on your device from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. Every participant becomes a loving part of our reseller community and takes the challenge alongside one another, at their own pace! Each section consists of easy-to-follow videos with step-by-step instructions (& plenty of extra goodies for you πŸ˜‰).

  • So it's like a hands-on walkthrough?

    You got it! Alongside being part of our bada$$ reseller community and completing step-by-step Poshmark challenges, you'll get supporting materials like guides, checklists, and formulas packed with proven tricks to help you waste LESS time and lock in MORE profits as a reseller. But this is much more than a class - it's HANDS-ON complete support (and no boring readings, all video walkthroughs as we do this together πŸ’•)

The right strategy separates successful online resellers from others still 'figuring it out'. Which one do you want to be?

Your Reseller Shortcut Blueprint

5-star curriculum tested & perfected for your oh-so-deserving self:

  • 1

    Section 1: Building Your Brand

    • WELCOME! << Here's what's in store for you at Fashion Resale School >>

    • 1.1 What's the Platform & What's Possible For You?

    • 1.2 How to Create a STRONG Brand FROM SCRATCH: A Winning Posh Store Name

    • 1.3 The *KEY* Posh Store Keywords

    • 1.4 How to Ensure Brand Consistency & Cross-Checking Hacks

    • 1.5 *Important:* Is your brand foundation solid enough to move forward?

    • *BONUS* Downloadable Checklist: Phase 1

  • 2

    Section 2: Making Your Platform

    • 2.1 How to Setup Your Accounts the Right Way

    • 2.2 Adding Killer Details (Photos, Headline, Banner, Description & More)

    • 2.3 The Proper Welcome Setup (tons of people miss this)

    • 2.4 Important: Are your platforms ready to move forward?

    • *BONUS* Downloadable Checklist: Phase 2

  • 3

    Section 3: Posting Your Pieces

    • 3.1 What WORKS in Selling Online

    • 3.2 How to Photograph Pieces for the Best Results

    • 3.3 Top 9 Photo MISTAKES (What NOT to Do in Product Pictures - with examples of course)

    • 3.4 How & Where to Pull the Right Cover Photos

    • 3.5 How to Write the Perfect Item Description that Buyers Can't Resist

    • 3.6 Let's Talk Numbers! How to Price Correctly for Your Items to Sell QUICKLY & PROFITABLY

    • *BONUS* Downloadable Checklist: Phase 3

  • 4

    Section 4: Scaling Your Ecosystem

  • 5

    Section 5: Smashing Your Sales

    • 5.1 What NOT to Do When Selling (we see these mistakes all the time)

    • 5.2 All About Offers: The Best Way to Make, Take, & Accept Them

    • Making Bulk Offers

    • 5.3 YAY! You Made the Sale... But Here's What's Next (Packing Prep)

    • 5.4 Perfect Packaging & Shipping

    • 5.5 Follow-up Game (get that $$)

    • *BONUS* Downloadable Checklist: Phase 5

  • 6

    *BONUS* Section 6: Handling Your Success

    • 6.1 The RIGHT Ways to Level Up as You Grow *How to Scale Effectively*

    • 6.2 Elevate Your Packaging

    • 6.3 Sourcing Secrets

    • 6.4 Next-Level Luxe Branding

    • 6.5 Expanding Online Presence

    • 6.6 Streamlining Order Volume

    • We β™₯ You! Closing Session + Where Your Journey Continues From Here

With a thriving Poshmark store built on proven strategies, you can spend less time on costly trial & error β€” and more time doing what you love.

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"Is this for me?"

The Posh Pro Program is perfect for YOU if you are:

  • A beginner who's never even download the app or created your account (don't worry, we'll break it down)

  • A tentative user who's dabbled in Posh but wants to do it right

  • An active user wanting to up your game for massive improvements

Sound good?

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What Makes the Posh Pro Program Special?

We're serious about getting you results.

  • Uber-specific

    Every resale platform is unique. That means unique and specific ways to succeed. We drill down to target the exact strategies working for Poshmark right now, so you can sit pretty knowing you're doing it right.

  • Start to Finish

    We cover way more than just tips & tricks. This program starts at the VERY beginning to walk you through every step β€” not just how to create a scroll-stopping account, but WHY it works & but how to actually make sales to get that $$ in your pocket (the end goal, really). And it's fun! This is not made of tedious material to slog through (we've all been there - hard pass). Each section show you on video how to start, build, and succeed on an account with real example s. Because that's what works.

  • No "Itty Bitty" Sales

    We aren't about those all-too-common methods showing you how to sell items that go for $15 or $20 each - because that's not where the real profits are! We tailor this to resellers wanting to really level up & sell high-end products with high-end price tags to match. This allows you to serve an elevated clientele where the real moolah is!

A proven framework for growing, selling, & succeeding on Poshmark

No guessing. No time-wasting. Just a direct path to profitable reselling.

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The program has been priced at TRIPLE this amount in the past. But that cost, while worth it, left out many who could benefit from this the most. So we decided to offer you a new no-brainer price tag β€” because you deserve the tools to succeed now.

  • $49.00

    Your investment in your future

    Get access now βž”


If you don't find incredible value here that enables you to grow as a reseller, we'll refund you for the entire program AND pay you for your time spent. Deal?

That's a no-brainer, let's do it!

Do you love bonuses as much as we do?

Here's what we're throwing in for you at no additional cost along with the program:

  • Complete Reseller Phase Checklists

    Value: $350

    No need to comb back through videos if that's not how you roll. Follow these simple step-by-step checklists after each section to guarantee that you're ticking all the important boxes (literally) to move forward with confidence.

  • "The Perfect Product Title" Fill-in-the-Blanks Formula

    Value: $275

    Use these proven failsafes to create ignore-proof item names that β€œstop the scroll” and command attention. Plus search engines and browsing buyers love them!

  • Guide to Scaling Once You Hit $5K Per Month

    Value: $450

    Wondering exactly how to grow efficiently once you hit your next phase as a reseller? There are a few more tricks up our sleeve that we're happy to share with you. We'll walk you through the right way to scale up that our clients have used time & time again. Including what to invest in, how to improve buyer experience, personalize your materials, simplify shipping, and so much more!

Our goal is to help you launch a successful online Posh store this year & achieve financial freedom.

I'm ready βž”

The Posh Pro Program by Fashion Resale School (2024)
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