Retroid Pocket 3 Plus Review (2024)

The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus is a handheld retro gaming system that offers affordable power all with a comfortable sleek design that’s perfect for playing games. Similar to the previous model, the Retroid Pocket 3, this handheld also has a metal frame shell that feels high quality and is extremely durable.

It’s available in the following colors: Black, 16Bit, Indigo, Retro, Orange, Clear Purple, and Clear Blue. Retroid went all in on the retro factor here and it truly paid off. The atomic purple color has heavy GameBoy Color vibes and is by far our favorite color scheme.

We recently also wrote a review on the Anbernic RG353M, so be sure to check that out too before deciding which to pick up!

Before we get into fully reviewing this beautiful little handheld, we wanted to touch on the elephant in the room which is the slight controversy surrounding the device. The company behind the Retroid Pocket 3, GoRetro, apparently was a bit shady regarding their marketing. You see, back when they made a push for the original Retroid Pocket 3, they weren’t really upfront with the general public that the device would just months later be superseded by the next version that we’re covering in this article.

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2. Form Factor

3. How does the Pocket 3 Plus play games?

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5. Frequently Asked Questions

5.1. What is the battery life of Retroid Pocket 3+?

5.2. Does the Retroid Pocket 3+ have analog triggers?

5.3. What is the difference between Retroid Pocket 3+ and Retroid Flip?

5.4. What games can Retroid Pocket 3+ play?

5.5. Is Retroid Pocket 3+ worth it?

Retroid Pocket 3+ Specifications

Retroid Pocket 3 Plus Review (1)

We’d be lying if we didn’t say that the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus is a fantastic handheld emulator. In fact, it’s one of the best handheld emulators currently available.

Size-wise, the device is smaller than the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. It runs on the Android 11 operating system and features a 2.0ghz Octa-core Unisoc Tiger T618 CPU, Mali G52 MC2 @850MHz GPU, 4GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 4.7″ Touch-screen Display – 750×1334 at 60fps (450nits), 4500mAh battery.

This handheld emulator is capable of emulating most of your favorite retro games up to the fifth console generation, including games from the Gamecube and PS2. That being said, even though it can handle many old video games, its PS2 performance has been criticized and not all PlayStation 2 games will be up to snuff. This handheld doesn’t come with Hall joysticks, but it does have a 720p Micro HDMI, 3.5mm Audio Jack, and USB TypeC.

Form Factor

Retroid Pocket 3 Plus Review (2)

The design of the Retroid Pocket 3+ is similar to the Retroid Pocket 3. They both have the same buttons, shell, and screen included, however, The 3+ has a T618 chip and an upgraded 4 GB of RAM, making it a slightly more powerful handheld for emulating games.

While it’s not exactly pocket size in terms of portability, the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus’s design is super slim (even more so than the Pocket 3), and has a nice bright touchscreen display. Its shoulder buttons are aligned very similarly to the Nintendo Switch’s. The device looks and feels much like a Nintendo Switch Lite…Lite.

Its conductive rubbers provide the player with a bit more feedback than just pressing down the handheld’s buttons. It also contains an additional 500MAH’s of battery coming in at a total of 4500MAH’s and you can expect it to last approximately 6-7 hours total depending on the games you choose to play.

Like the Pocket 3, the Plus is easy to set up. While setting it up, all of the necessary emulators will be automatically installed for you the first time you launch the system. The Retroid launched makes it easy to find games instead of the typical tedious process of searching on the standard stock Android OS.

Again, the Google Play Store is included with the device which is a nice touch. Not only can you install and play Android games, but you also have access to multiple streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu as well.

How does the Pocket 3 Plus play games?

The device is capable of emulating Dreamcast, PSP, Gamecube, and some smaller PS2 games. Consoles and systems before those mentioned will also run just fine emulation-wise. When we say that it can run some smaller PS2 games, what we really mean is that certain PS2 games that are larger and more difficult to emulate may experience performance issues. You shouldn’t have any trouble with the simpler PS2 titles, but your mileage may vary depending on the titles you choose to run.

Dreamcast emulation is nearly flawless on the Pocket 3+. Games like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi feel about the same as you’d expect if you were to play them on the actual console. It’s impressive just how well Dreamcast games run on this thing as the performance is incredible.

PSP games also run surprisingly well. Larger games that previously had issues with performance and framerate like God of War run fantastically and look great.

And of course we have to mention playing GameCube games. Some typically more difficult games to emulate like Simpsons Hit & Run run very well. The Gameboy, DS, PS1, and N64 all also work very well as you’d expect.

If you have an Xbox account, you may be surprised to hear that this device is also capable of game streaming. After setting up your Xbox account, you’ll be able to access and play your collection of games in a handheld form factor while on the go.


The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus is a great device for retro gaming enthusiasts. If you’re looking for something portable to emulate Dreamcast, PSP, Gamecube, and other previous consoles like Gameboy, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 1, and N64 games, this is a really great choice to pick up. Not only is it affordable at only $149, it feels like a high-quality premium handheld and has a very nice sleek design as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life of Retroid Pocket 3+?

The Retroid Pocket 3+ has a battery life of around 6-8 hours, depending on the games that you choose to play and the emulator settings you have set up. This is big step up from the Retroid Pocket 2, but only a minimal improvement battery life-wise from the Pocket 3.

Does the Retroid Pocket 3+ have analog triggers?

Yes, the Retroid Pocket 3+ has two analog triggers. This means that emulating and playing games from more recent-gen consoles isn’t a problem in terms of controller support and precision.

What is the difference between Retroid Pocket 3+ and Retroid Flip?

The Retroid Pocket Flip is a clamshell-style retro gaming device, while the Retroid Pocket 3+ is a handheld console designed similarly aesthetically to the Nintendo Switch Lite (needless to say, the pocket 3 cannot natively play Switch games). The Retroid Flip has a larger screen and the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus has a longer battery life.

What games can Retroid Pocket 3+ play?

The Retroid Pocket 3+ can play a wide range of retro games from consoles such as the NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Sega Genesis, N64, GameCube, Dreamcast, PS1, and even some smaller PS2 games. It also supports emulation for newer consoles such as the PSP and the NDS.

Is Retroid Pocket 3+ worth it?

Whether the Retroid Pocket 3+ is worth it will depend on your situation and your specific needs. If you’re someone who already has the Retroid 3, we wouldn’t recommend the upgrade as it’s not quite significant enough to warrant shelling out the additional money. If don’t have a handheld emulation/gaming device already, the Pocket 3+ is a fantastic device and one you might want to consider picking up at its price point.

It’s affordable, powerful, and can play a wide range of games including both retro titles, Android games, and you can even stream your own Xbox games as well.

Retroid Pocket 3 Plus Review (2024)
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