If You See the Number 4 (or 444) Everywhere, Here's What It Might Mean (2024)

Ever notice in times of great stress or great joy that a specific number or sequence of numbers suddenly becomes a special guest star in your life? Every so often, when you glance at the clock during the week, it just so happens to be 4:44. Perhaps you treat yourself—to some new clothes, a big night out, or supplies for your craft room—and your bill comes to $444. Maybe a few times a month, when you’re on your way to work, you notice a license plate with a trio of 4s.

While that may seem weird, you’re not alone. What you’re experiencing has a name, you’re seeing Angel Numbers. Read on to better understand Angel Numbers and the spiritual meaning of 444 specifically.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Some people believe these particular numbers are coming from the universe; other people think they’re coming directly from an angel or higher power. Both camps agree that the numbers have to mean something.

“The current popular view is that they’re a series of identical numbers that have spiritual meaning. They’re associated with divine guidance,” explains Boston-based medium and spiritual advocate Lauren Nichols. She adds that although the term “angel number” was coined by writer Doreen Virtue in her 2005 book of the same name, it’s hardly a new phenomenon.

“Angel number is just another word for ‘numerology,’ which is another practice within metaphysical space. Virtue had an epiphany and claimed that she studied under Pythagoras—the creator of numerology—in a past life. Pythagoras believed that numbers were mystical. In his view: ‘All is number’—that’s the term he used. What he meant is that everything on a physical plane can be defined in numbers and measurement,” says Nichols. Virtue had the bandwidth to rebrand it in a digestible and very specific way.

Whether you call it an angel number or numerology, the point remains the same: When we see numbers over and over again, it catches our eye and gives us pause. That’s the point. Nichols says the universe—or an angel—is trying to get our attention. “It’s saying, ‘I need you to observe and understand, so I can give you guidance,” she says.

What Does 4 Mean?

Even though Virtue has since completely denounced that work, people are still looking up the meaning of numbers they encounter on the regular. When it comes to the number 4, Austin-based medium and spiritual coach Pam Barosh says there’s nothing to fear.

“The way I see it, I think about a house with four sides—you’re building a foundation for stability and foundation—so maybe you’re on the path for building a good solid structure and ready to take the next step. It could also mean that you should take a minute to assess whether you’re in balance, or if you need to change something,” Barosh notes.

“You might need to shift, so you can continue on in balance and harmony. Think of the number as a checkpoint. It amplifies a deeper truth of a spiritual path and might offer strength to build it up with elements like wind, fire, earth, and water.”

If You See the Number 4 (or 444) Everywhere, Here's What It Might Mean (5)

What Does the Angel Number 444 Mean?

Nichols says it’s important to avoid thinking of any number—even 444—as a defined prescription for a certain problem across the board. After all, we’re all different and experiencing different things—so it would be impossible to say 444 means all things to all people.

“The whole point of these numbers is to get you to notice that you’re being contacted. There’s not much value in searching for the meaning of 444 if you’re not even looking for a message,” Nichols says. “For many, 444 signifies guidance—it’s a reminder to look inward. What did you immediately think of when you saw it? Relationship? Career? What was your first feeling? Where did your mind go? We’re all psychic. It’s up to us to look inward to figure out if it’s a warning or encouragement.”

Perhaps the best thing about an angel number is that it makes us pay a little closer attention to what’s happening in our lives and figure out what's working for us—and what’s not. If even those who aren’t particularly spiritual people suddenly begin noticing 444 on billboards, in phone numbers, and receipts, and it forces them to focus for as little as four seconds on people, places, and things that are moving them forward or holding them back, that’s a blessing!

If You See the Number 4 (or 444) Everywhere, Here's What It Might Mean (2024)
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