Chapter 5 Answers Skill and Practice Sheet Answers - [PDF Document] (2024)

Chapter 5 Answers Skill and Practice Sheet Answers - [PDF Document] (1)

Chapter 5 Answers

Skill and Practice Sheet Answers

5A Preparing a Bibliography

Giving proper credit to sources is an important aspect of scientific work.This skill sheet can be used whenever students participate in library orInternet research.

5B Internet Research Skills

Part 1 Answers:1. Example answer: “science museums” + “South Carolina” not

“Columbia”2. “dog breeds” + “inexpensive”3. “producing electricity” not “coal” not “natural gas”

Part 2 Answers:1. Answers will vary. Sites that may be authoritative include non-profit

sites (recognizable by having “org” as the extension in the webaddress) or government sites such as (recognizable bythe “gov” extension address) or college/university websites(recognizable by the “edu” extension address). These sites oftenprovide information to large, diverse groups and are not typicallysupported by advertising. Sites that are supported by advertising canbe authoritative, but may be biased in the information presented.Another characteristic of authoritative sites are that they are activelyupdated on a regular basis.

2. Answers will vary. Reasons a source may not seem to be authoritativeinclude: the author of the site is not affiliated with an organization anddoes not have obvious credentials, and the information seems to beone-sided. Many science topic searches will lead to student paperspublished on the Internet. These may contain mistakes, or they mayhave been written by a younger student.

3. Answers will vary. Intended audiences can be young children, pre-teens, teenagers, adults, or select groups of people (women, men,people who like dogs, etc.).

4. Answers will vary.

5C Pythagorean Theorem

1. c = 132. a = 83. b = 244. a = 45. c = 166. c = 25

5D Pythagorean Triples

1. 52 + 122 = 132 = 169; yes, this is a Pythagorean triple2. 82 + 152 = 172 = 289; yes, this is a Pythagorean triple3. 12 + 22 ≠ 32; no, this is not a Pythagorean triple4. 122 + 352 = 372 = 1369; yes, this is a Pythagorean triple5. 42 + 162 = ( )2; yes (these segments form a right triangle), this is

not a Pythagorean triple because the three segment lengths are not allwhole numbers

6. 72 + 242 = 252 = 625; yes, this is a Pythagorean triple7. Answers are:

a. The triple (18, 24, 30) was formed by multiplying the triple (3, 4,5) by the whole number 6.

b. example answers: (10, 24, 26) and (15, 36, 39)c. example answers: (16, 30, 34) and (24, 45, 51)

5E Free-Body Diagrams

1. b2. c3. b4. a

4 17

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5. b6. 7.

5F Friction

1. Answers are:a. rolling frictionb. Sliding friction is generally greater than rolling friction, so it

would probably take more force to transport the blocks in thesled.

c. The friction force would increase, because more blocks wouldmean more weight force squeezing the two surfaces together.

d. static friction2. Answers are:

a. viscous frictionb. The friction force would increase because the boat would sit

lower in the water.3. Answers are:

a. rolling friction and air frictionb. rolling friction

4. Answers are:a. Student responses will vary. Encourage students to look for a

sports car rather than a professional racing car. Racing carspoilers may serve a different purpose.

b. Sports car spoilers are generally designed to increase down forceon the rear of the car, causing greater friction between the reartires and the road.

c. Spoilers on hybrid cars and sport utility vehicles are usuallydesigned to create a smoother, less turbulent airflow over the rearof the vehicle. This reduces drag (air friction). Sports car spoilersare most often designed to increase rolling friction, not todecrease air friction. Spoilers on different types of cars servedifferent purposes.

5G Torque

1. 117.6 N-m clockwise2. Answers are:

a. m2 = 2 kilograms


c. It should be placed to the right. The torque due to m1 is greaterthan the torque due to m2.

d. m3 = 8 centimeters3. Answers are:

a. 20 N force: 3.0 N-m clockwise or − 3.0 N-m15 N force: 3.75 N-m counterclockwise or + 3.75 N-m5 N force: 1.75 N-m clockwise or − 1.75 N-m

b. 1.0 N-m clockwise or –1.0 N-mc. A 3.33 N upward force creates a counterclockwise torque of

1.0 N-m to balance the other torques.4. Clockwise torque: -46. 5 N-m

Counterclockwise torque: 35 N-mNet torque: -11.5 N-mIf the lever were in equilibrium, it could still be rotating but notincreasing or decreasing in speed of rotation.

m1m2------- 3=

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Chapter 5 Answers Skill and Practice Sheet Answers - [PDF Document] (2024)
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