50 Mystical and Magical Baby Names That Will Put You Under a Spell (2024)


From Circe to Caspian

50 Mystical and Magical Baby Names That Will Put You Under a Spell (1)

By Emma Singer

Published Jun 9, 2024

50 Mystical and Magical Baby Names That Will Put You Under a Spell (2)

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There’s nothing more magical than bringing life into the world, so it only makes sense to pick a baby name that fits the momentous and awe-inspiring occasion. As such, we’ve compiled a list of mystical and magical baby names that have ties to folklore, mythology, spirituality and even magic in pop culture (think: Harry Potter and Game of Thrones). Read on and find a name that best suits your little sprite.


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50 Mystical and Magical Baby Names That Will Put You Under a Spell (3)

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1. Sirius

A seriously cool name (sorry, couldn’t help it), Sirius is a name of Greek origin that represents the Dog Star, which also happens to be the brightest star in the night sky.

2. Zephyr

Another name that hails from Greek mythology, this name means “west wind” and is associated with the god Zephyrus.

3. Arthur

As in King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. This classic name of British lore means “bear.”

4. Caspian

This name of English, Arabic and Greek origin means “white” and “treasure of the sea.” (Sounds pretty mystical to us.)

5. Evander

“Good man” is the (reassuring) meaning of this name, which has Scottish and Greek roots and ties to a mythological Trojan War hero.

6. Cassius

This masculine name has Shakespearean roots and numerous meanings, some more flattering than others: “empty,” “vain,” “castle” and “helmet,” to name a few.

7. Orion

His belt is a famous constellation and the name, which is of Greek origin, has a celestial meaning of “Heaven’s light.”

8. Loki

A Norse god of mischief and a moniker with a meaning to match its sound: “lock.” (Godspeed.)

9. Thor

Another masculine moniker plucked from Norse mythology—this powerful name refers to the god of thunder, lightning, storms and strength.

50 Mystical and Magical Baby Names That Will Put You Under a Spell (4)

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10. Tristan

This Celtic name meaning “sad” can be found in Arthurian folklore as the knight and friend of Lancelot who falls in love with the Irish princess Iseult.

11. Damon

“One who tames; subdues” is the meaning of this Greek name, which comes from the famous myth of Damon and Pythias—two men who amazed the god Dionysus with their loyal friendship.

12. Lysander

A Greek name meaning “liberator” and a character in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this one is well-suited to a free spirit.

13. Peregrine

Peregrine is a name of Latin origin that means “traveler” and “wanderer,” meanings that evoke a sort of ethereal wanderlust and herald magical adventures.

14. Alastor

In Greek mythology, Alastor is an epithet for Zeus; the name means “avenger” and refers to Zeus’s reputation for punishing evil deeds.

50 Mystical and Magical Baby Names That Will Put You Under a Spell (5)

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15. Fintan

Or Finn if you want to keep it short and sweet. In Irish mythology, this name meaning “little fair one” belongs to a radiant male fairy with shape-shifting powers, which definitely fits the description of magical baby names if you ask us.

16. Puck

Another name from Shakespeare’s famous comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Puck is the mischievous pixie in the play and this mystical baby name fits the character; it has Celtic and Germanic origins and meanings of “goblin” and “sprite.”

17. Arion

Arion has Sanskrit and Greek origins and a meaning of “noble,” “illustrious” and “spiritual.” In other words, it’s a melodic moniker with ties to the divine.

18. Draco

Harry Potter fans will recognize this one as the name of a certain antagonist in the books, but J.K. Rowling didn’t invent the name. In addition to being the name of a constellation, Draco is also a given name of Greek origin that means “dragon” or “serpent.”

19. Cornelius

The name of the fairy prince in the story of Thumbelina and a masculine moniker of Latin origin that means “horn.”

Mythical and Magical Baby Names for Girls

50 Mystical and Magical Baby Names That Will Put You Under a Spell (6)

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20. Lorelei

In German lore, Lorelei is a siren of the Rhine River whose voice lures sailors to hazardous rocks, causing shipwrecks. This mystical baby name means “alluring temptress."

21. Niamh

This Old Irish name meaning “bright” and “radiant” belongs to the daughter of a sea god in Irish mythology who is known as the “princess of golden hair.”

22. Tiana

This name of Greek and Russian origin has meanings of “princess” and “fairy queen,” respectively.

23. Nova

This name of Latin origin meaning “new” is also an astronomical term that evokes celestial beauty and wonder.

24. Luna

Another celestial name, this melodic moniker means “moon” and is, in fact, the personification of the moon in Roman mythology.

25. Circe

“Bird” is the meaning of this soft-sounding name, which belongs to a sorceress in Greek mythology who tempted Perseus and his men, and then turned them into swine and back again. File this one under ‘badass.’

26. Sansa

Game of Thrones fans will recognize this melodic choice as the name of Sansa Stark, but it’s also an established given name of Sanskrit origin that means “praise” and “charm.”

27. Guenevere

Or Guinevere, if you prefer. This Welsh name meaning “fair, white” and “smooth, soft” has a prominent place in Arthurian legend as the name of King Arthur’s Queen.

28. Brigid

Here, an Anglicized version of an Irish name that belongs to the mythological goddess of fire. It means “strength” and “exalted one.”

29. Freya

A name of Old Norse origin that means “noble lady” and belongs to the goddess of fertility and love in Norse mythology.

50 Mystical and Magical Baby Names That Will Put You Under a Spell (7)

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30. Juno

In addition to being a charming movie, Juno is also a feminine given name of Latin origin that means “queen of the gods.”

31. Phoebe

This peppy and fun-to-say moniker has Greek origins and belongs to a prophetess and Goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology.

32. Nerissa

“Sea nymph” is the mystical and mysterious meaning of this enchanting name of Greek origin.

33. Parisa

Here, an oh-so pretty feminine name of Persian origin with a magical meaning of “fairy-like” that’s fitting for a dainty and graceful little girl with a vivid imagination.

34. Emma

This popular name of German origin has a meaning of “universal one,” suggesting that she might not just be the center of your world, but may also unlock some secrets of the universe as well.

35. Rhiannon

A Celtic goddess of fertility, a great Fleetwood Mac song and a feminine name of Welsh origin that means “great queen” or “goddess.”

36. Pixie

Not much to explain here, but it’s a pretty good choice for a mischievous but well-meaning little girl.

37. Maurelle

This elegant name of French origin has a magical meaning of “dark and elfin.” Ooh-la-la.

38. Talia

Talia is a sweet and melodic name of Hebrew and Aramaic origin with a spiritual meaning of “dew of God.”

39. Sybil

This serious-sounding name of Greek origin has a dark and mysterious meaning of “prophetess” and “oracle.” (Let’s hope she thinks the future is bright.)

Mythical and Magical Gender Neutral Baby Names

50 Mystical and Magical Baby Names That Will Put You Under a Spell (8)

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40. Avery

This trendy gender neutral name of Old English origin means “ruler of the elves” and is associated with elven magic in folklore. If unisex magical baby names are what you’re looking for, this one fits the bill.

41. Chepi

Chepi sounds cute and peppy—but in Native American mythology, Chepi is a fairy of the dead who shares knowledge with medicine people through visions and dreams.

42. Kai

Kai has origins all around the globe and just as many meanings, but in Hawaiian it means “sea” and has ties to a water spirit. (You know, like how the ocean chose Moana.)

43. Cosmo

“Order,” “organization” and “beauty” are the meanings of this name of Greek origin. We probably don’t have to tell you that it relates to the cosmos and has decidedly celestial vibes.

44. Robin

The legendary outlaw of Medieval times who supposedly stole from the rich to give to the poor (and a weirdly handsome fox in the Disney movie), this gender-neutral mythical baby name means “famed,” “bright” and “shining.”

45. Vega

A star in the constellation Lyra and a gender-neutral name of Arabic origin meaning “swooping eagle.”

46. Mage

This uncommon given name of Irish origin means “a wielder of magic” or “learned magician.”

47. Penn

Half of Penn & Teller (a magician duo) and a name of English origin with a topographical meaning of “hill” and “enclosure.”

48. Salem

A Biblical place name of Arabic and Hebrew origin with obvious witchy associations and pleasant meanings of “peaceful,” “safe” and “perfect.”

49. Phoenix

Phoenix is a mythological bird with healing power and the ability to regenerate from its own ashes. It has Greek and Latin origins and a meaning of “crimson red.”

50. Elysian

This gender-neutral name has ties to the Elysian Fields of Greek mythology, which were the final resting place of righteous souls. It means “blissful.”


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