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Emojis are there for 30 years and the smartphone apps make them easy to use for everyone of us. You can see young people chatting in WhatsApp, WeChat and Messenger apps only using emojis. All operating systems like Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android have emoji keyboard or equivalent apps to quickly insert relevant symbols.

Emoji Face Symbols or Smileys

Unicode character encoding defines numerical code point for each emojis and introduces new emojis with every release. Though the latest Unicode emoji version has more than 1000 symbols many of us use only few emojis frequently. In earlier days, people use emoticons or text emojis to type smileys. For example, typing :-) in most of the applications will convert it into a smiling face emoji symbol like . The popularity grown into such a level that now you have more than 150 face emoji symbols available under different category making the choice difficult.

Choosing Correct Emoji Face Symbols

The biggest problem with choosing face emojis is to understand the correct meaning of the symbol. Every mobile and desktop application focuses on offering more emoji symbols within a small space. Some desktop applications like Character Map in Windows and Character Viewer in Mac also includes thousands of other Unicode symbols in a single app. However, they all miss an important point of explaining the meaning of those symbols.

People choose wrong emoji to express their feelings and opinions confusing others in the conversation. Therefore, here is an attempt to collect all available emoji faces in Unicode with their meaning and alternate names.

Emoji Face Symbols with Meaning

Below is a complete list of 150+ emoji face symbols with meaning. We have also categorized the symbols based on the expression or style so that you can pickup the correct symbol. You can use the search box to filter the relevant results. For example, type “think” in the search box to instantly filter thinking face emoji ?. After finding the emoji, you can copy and paste on your chat conversation, emails and documents.

Alternatively, you can also do reverse emoji search by pasting the face emoji in the search box to find the name. For example, paste this ?in the search box to find its name as “Face blowing a kiss” emoji.

EmojiNameCategoryAlternate Names
😀Grinning faceSmiling
😃Grinning face with big eyesSmilingOpen mouth smiling emoji
😄Grinning face with smiling eyesSmiling
😁Beaming face with smiling eyesSmiling
😆Grinning squinting faceSmilingSatisfied emoji face
😅Grinning face with sweatSmilingCold or sweating happy
🤣Rolling on the floor laughingSmilingROFL, Rolling and laughing face
😂Face with tears of joySmilingLaughing or happy tear face
🙂Slightly smiling faceSmilingSmiley
🙃Upside down faceSmilingUpside down smiley
😉Winking faceSmilingBlinking eye face
😊Smiling face with smiling eyesSmilingBlush face
😇Smiling face with haloSmilingFantacy or angel face
🥰Smiling face with heartsAffectionAdorable or loving face
😍Smiling face with heart-eyesAffectionHeart eyes face
🤩Star-struckAffectionStar eyes face
😘Face blowing a kissAffectionWinking kissy face
😗Kissing faceAffection
Smiling faceAffectionRelaxed face
😚Kissing face with closed eyesAffection
😙Kissing face with smiling eyesAffection
😋Face savoring foodTongueDelicious or yummy face
😛Face with tongueTongue
😜Winking face with tongueTongueWitty or joke face
🤪Zany faceTongueGoofy face
😝Squinting face with tongueTongueHorrible face
🤑Money-mouth faceTongueMoney face
🤗Hugging faceHandCaring face
🤭Face with hand over mouthHandSurprise or shocked or whoops face
🤫Shushing faceHandKeep quiet or silent face
🤔Thinking faceHandImagining face
🤐Zipper-mouth faceSkepticalShutup mouth face
🤨Face with raised eyebrowSkepticalDistrust or skeptical or disapproval or disbelief face
😐Neutral faceSkepticalDead face
😑Expressionless faceSkeptical
😶Face without mouthSkepticalSilent face
😏Smirking faceSkeptical
😒Unamused faceSkepticalUnhappy or sad face
🙄Face with rolling eyesSkepticalBig eyes face
😬Grimacing faceSkepticalByting teeths face
🤥Lying faceSkepticalLying or pinocchio face, Big nose face
😌Relieved faceSleepyStress free face
😔Pensive faceSleepyDejected face
😪Sleepy faceSleepyTiered face
🤤Drooling faceSleepy
😴Sleeping faceSleepyBored, Feeling sleepy
😷Face with medical maskSickMasked face, Doctor or Nurse
🤒Face with thermometerSickFerverish or sick face
🤕Face with head-bandageSickHurt or injured or met accident
🤢Nauseated faceSickVomitting
🤮Face vomitingSickAlergie or sick
🤧Sneezing faceSickGesundheit, catch cold or flu
🥵Hot faceSickFeverish, Heat stroke, Red-faced or sweating in heat
🥶Cold faceSickBlue faced, Cold or freezing, Frostbite, Icicles, Chilled
🥴Woozy faceSickDizzy face, Intoxicated, Tipsy, Uneven eyes, Wavy mouth
😵Dizzy faceSick
🤯Exploding headSickShocked head, Boiling head
🤠Cowboy hat faceHatCowgirl
🥳Partying faceHatCelebration, Horn
😎Smiling face with sunglassesGlassBright or cool face, Face with glass
🤓Nerd faceGlassGeek face
🧐Face with monocleGlassStuffy or wealthy, Face with single glass
😕Confused faceWorriedDisagreement
😟Worried faceWorriedNervous or bothered face
🙁Slightly frowning faceWorried
Frowning faceWorried
😮Face with open mouthWorriedFace with open mouth, Sympathy
😯Hushed faceWorriedStunned or surprised
😲Astonished faceWorriedTotally shocked
😳Flushed faceWorriedDazed face
🥺Pleading faceWorriedBegging or mercy face, Puppy eyes face
😦Frowning face with open mouthWorried
😧Anguished faceWorriedSuffering face
😨Fearful faceWorriedScared or afraid
😰Anxious face with sweatWorriedBlue, cold and sweating face
😥Sad but relieved faceWorriedDisappointed and relieved, Whew face
😢Crying faceWorriedFace with tears in one eye, Sad
😭Loudly crying faceWorriedSob, face with tears in both eyes
😱Face screaming in fearWorriedScreaming face in fear, Munch or scared
😖Confounded faceWorriedPuzzled face
😣Persevering faceWorried
😞Disappointed faceWorried
😓Downcast face with sweatWorriedCold
😩Weary faceWorriedTired face
😫Tired faceWorried
😤Face with steam from noseNegativeTriumph or won
😡Pouting faceNegativeAngry, Gone mad, Rage, Red face
😠Angry faceNegativeAngry, Mad
🤬Face with symbols on mouthNegativeSwaring, Shouting, Cursing
😈Smiling face with hornsNegativeFairy tale, Fantasy
👿Angry face with hornsNegativeDemon, Devil, Imp
💀SkullNegativeDeath, Monster, Scary
Skull and crossbonesNegativeDeath, Monster, Warning
💩Pile of pooCostumeDung, Poop, Poo
🤡Clown faceCostumeJoker, Comedian, Buffoon
👹OgreCostumeCreature, Monster, Troll
👺GoblinCostumeFairy tale, Mask, Monster
👻GhostCostumePrank, Fun
👽AlienCostumeExtraterrestrial, UFO
👾Alien monsterCostumeExtraterrestrial, UFO, Monster
🤖RobotCostumeMachine, Mechanical
🐱Cat faceAnimalCat
😺Grinning catAnimalSmiling cat face
😸Grinning cat with smiling eyesAnimal
😹Cat with tears of joyAnimal
😻Smiling cat with heart-eyesAnimalLove cat face
😼Cat with wry smileAnimalIronic
😽Kissing catAnimal
🙀Weary catAnimalOh!!!, Surprised
😿Crying catAnimalCat face with tear, Sad
😾Pouting catAnimal
🐵Monkey faceAnimal
🐶Dog faceAnimal
🙈See-no-evil monkeyAnimalForbidden or evil monkey face
🙉Hear-no-evil monkeyAnimalForbidden or evil monkey face
🙊Speak-no-evil monkeyAnimalForbidden or evil monkey face
🦁Lion faceAnimal
🐯Tiger faceAnimal
🐮Cow faceAnimal
🐷Pig faceAnimal
🐴Horse faceAnimal
🐭Mouse faceAnimal
🐰Rabbit faceAnimal
👶BabyHumanChild, Kid
👱Person with blond hairHuman
🧔Man with beardHuman
👱‍♂️Man with blond hairHuman
👨‍🦰Man with red hairHumanMustache man
👨‍🦱Man with curly hairHuman
👨‍🦳Man with old hairHumanOldman, Aged man
👨‍🦲Bald manHumanMan with bald head
👩WomanHumanLady, Gentlewoman
👱‍♀️Woman with blond hairHuman
👩‍🦰Woman with red hairHuman
👩‍🦱Woman with curly hairHuman
👩‍🦳Woman with white hairHuman
👩‍🦲Bald womanHumanWoman with bald head
🧓Older personHumanElder man
👴OldmanHumanAged man face
👵Old womanHumanAged woman face
👳Man wearing turbanHumanSikh man
👳‍♀️Woman wearing turbanHuman
👲Man wearing Chinese capHumanChinese man
👼Angel babyHuman
🎅Santa ClausHuman
🤶Mrs. SantaHuman

Note, that some symbols may show like square boxes in browser. However, you can view the colorful emoji on your online chat window. The above table will show the emojis based on the browser you use. The actual display on the app may be different based on the encoding used by that app.

150+ Emoji Face Symbols with Meaning – WebNots (2024)
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